Bruce F. Gibson

Insolvency Consultant – I help people or businesses who are in debt!!! In simple terms I can reduce un-secured debts by 50% to zero depending on the path they take. I am with my clients all of the way, attending court, negotiating with creditors, keeping the bailiffs from the door etc. etc. Not a consolidation loan in site!! I just tackle the debt.

Three weeks ago my friend introduced me to a lady who has now transformed my whole attitude to life.

Before meeting Karen P I was nearing nervous breakdown. Stresses with in the family were compounded by £11,000 debts. I felt such depression that my medication alone couldn’ta help and turned to drink to blot it all out. I knew it wasn’t the answer and could only make things worse but I didn’t feel rational at the time. I had reached the stage when I would get my children to answer the phone and tell the debtors I wasn’t in. I also had an enormous pile of letters that I simply hadn’t opened because I was too scared to read them. I can’t emphasise the fear and panic I felt. The doctor even had to put me on beta-blockers for my blood pressure.

Karen came to my house and straight away I realised this friendly, understanding person was going to “sort me out” and give me hope for the future.

When she mentioned the dreaded “bankruptcy” word it scared me, but she explained exactly what it meant and how it could help me. You might not need to go to this extreme. Karen has various solutions to debt problems; in my case bankruptcy was the best option.

I felt that the “B” word held a stigma. However it is a small price to pay for the results it offers. It only lasts for a year and then foe a payment of £60 you receive a Certificate of Discharge allowing you to start again with a clean slate.

Within days Karen had sorted out some of the people who had constantly been phoning and writing demanding payments immediately.

She arranged for my phone number to be changed and the current bill to be written off. This has eliminated the phone calls from ** Recovery and Debt Recovery Agencies. I am not afraid to answer the phone any more.

She helped me to fill out forms for benefits that had not been paid for 18 months and arranged for them to be backdated. She also brought forms for others that I didn’t even know that I was entitled to.

Most benefits these days have to be paid into a bank account. Of course, the bank had closed my account; they were on of my debtors. Karen is currently arranging a new account for me. In the meantime my benefits are being paid into a friend’s account.

I had a fine from the magistrates’ court for over £150 for non-return of library books. She contacted the court, arranged for an appeal and went with me to get the fine reduce to just £24.

I don’t worry about opening my letters any more, Karen snatches them out of my hand the minute she sits down and goes through them while I make her a cup of tea! (Milk and no sugar!)

She has made it quite clear that if anyone arrives at the door demanding money, they are not to be let in and I am to call her immediately so the she can deal with them.

I fell like a different woman. My panic attacks have virtually disappeared; I have stopped drinking and am looking forward to life again. I couldn’t have done this without her.

I you are feeling how I was please believe me there is a way out. Just arrange to see Karen once. She’s not at all scary and knows everything there is to know from benefits to bailiffs. She is kind, caring and friendly. You certainly don’t get he impression that she’s judgemental in any way, just that she wants to help you. If you need a lawyer, or a bank account she has the contacts.

If you meet her and decide her advice is not for you it isn’t a problem. There is no “hard sell”. She will give you the true and honest facts about dealing with your problems, but all ultimate decisions are up to you.

If you feel you would like to speak to me in person, to find out more please leave a comment on this site leaving your name and phone number and ask them to get me to ring you. I will be more than happy to talk to you; in fact, it would make me feel really good to help someone who is feeling as desperate as I was.


The above is an exact copy of a letter I was shown, I have not altered it in any way other than the last paragraph about contact, and also the full names have been removed. I want to show there is light at the end of a very long tunnel.

When doing to deal, if you think a client needs help, fill the form below this text, and leave me some contact info.

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