About Singing Pig

Singing Pig – The Business Network For Entrepreneurs & Investors
Singing Pig is a growing site of over 22,500 UK based entrepreneurs made up of both novice and professionals who post articles, discuss business, property investment, investing in general together with a wide range of wealth creations subjects.
Singing Pig has over 206,000 posts have been made by our members since Singing Pig was established in 2003 as a small community on Yahoo Groups.
Singing Pig provides and develops online tools and features to allow our members to create discussions and establish relationships.
Our Mission
Our mission is to create a trusted and positive community of individuals and business owners who build relationships, create discussions and grow their wealth towards financial freedom.
In future Singing Pig will invest in developing new tools and features to enable our members to communicate and network more effectively.
Our Testimonials
” I consider it a priviledge to be a member of this community and to be in a position to help others reach financial independence ”
” There is a wealth of information across all aspect of property investment and wealth management ”

If you are a budding entrepreneur, business owner or investor, you’re at the right place.