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The Insider’s Guide to 52 Homes in 52 Weeks: Acquire Your Real Estate Fortune Today
by Dolf De Roos, Gene Burns
0471757055.02.MZZZZZZZList Price: $7.99
Our Price: $6
Used Price: $4
Salesrank: 11,701
Release: 28 February, 2006
Manufacturer: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Media: Paperback
ASIN: 0471757055

Customer Reviews
Neither one thing or the other stars-3-0

It doesn’t matter if you coming to this book to learn about Real Estate or just coming for a good read you are likely to leave disappointed.
If you come looking for tips on purchasing real estate to hold (and to a lesser extent to flip) these tips do exist, although they could be covered equally well in 5-10 pages. If you are coming to this to be entertained (as I did) you will get a couple of smiles out of it. If you are coming to be motivated as I know both Gene’s and Dolf’s work can do, I’m not sure you will be – I wasn’t.
From the entertainment side it does pull out some stories of fun – rushing through traffic to force a tenant to sign and save $200K. The education side covers forms to use, ways to put a deal togeather while keeping your own costs down (most important is a motivated seller) and so on. The motivation is handled by keeping the pace of the story going, which each story to the point.
Its worth borrowing from a friend or your local library. I’m putting mine on ebay because I don’t think its worth keeping.

Sarah Beeny’s Price the Job
by Sarah Beeny

1843403609.02.MZZZZZZZList Price: $17
Our Price: $14
Used Price: $7
Salesrank: 288
Release: 14 April, 2006
Manufacturer: Collins & Brown
Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Media: Paperback
ASIN: 1843403609

The Entrepreneur’s Book of Checklists: 1000 Tips to Help You Start and Grow Your Business
by Robert Ashton

0273694391.02.MZZZZZZZList Price: $42.50
Our Price: $39.95
Used Price: $22
Salesrank: 233
Release: 03 November, 2004
Manufacturer: Prentice Hall
Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Media: Paperback
ASIN: 0273694391

Customer Reviews
Sound reference book for would be and fledgling entrepeneurs stars-5-0
As a prospective sole trader I found this book an excellent read and know that I will be able to refer back to relevant sections as issues arise.This is a no nonsense common sense approach to business set up and ongoing business management and control , laid out in easily referenced sections. I found much of the content was already in my thoughts but seeing it written down in a structured way reiterated the key points and certainly had me writing down plenty of ideas for future development. I couldn’t believe how much you get for the price. Fantastic value. A must read for prospective and recently launched small businesses.

The Definitive Business Plan: The Fast-track to Intelligent Business Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs
(“Financial Times” S.)
by Richard Stutely

0273659219.02.MZZZZZZZList Price: $26.65
Our Price: $21.95
Used Price: $14
Salesrank: 3,782
Release: 14 December, 2001
Manufacturer: Financial Times Prentice Hall
Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours
Media: Paperback
ASIN: 0273659219

Customer Reviews
Fantastic stars-5-0
I bought the previous version of this book to help me write a business plan before seeking startup funding for a technology idea. For my needs, this book continues to be my primary reference when writing business plans.
The language used is clear, and there are a few dry jokes that I’m ashamed to say did make me laugh out loud. Having said this, the book is probably more thorough than some readers need – if you want to write the type of business plan that the bank invites you to do when opening an account (e.g. competitive landscape is a single page of local competitors, their prices and their strengths/weaknesses) then you’ll find that this book is overkill. If you plan to spend two weeks or more writing your business plan then this book will probably make the process much easier, and lead to a more thoughtful document that stands up to detailed financial and strategic analysis by bank managers, investors, advisors etc. If this is what you’re trying to write, then you’d be a total monkey to start without reading this book.

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