Singing Pig Ethos & Best Pratice Guidelines

rulesOur aim is to create a trusted and positive community of individuals and business owners who network, build relationships, create discussions, post articles and grow their wealth.

Singing Pig has been built on the ethos of sharing knowledge, giving advice, and building relationships for the greater benefit of the community.

We ask that all visitors are trustworthy, honest and respect other visitors of the site.

The use of the website

When using the discussion forms, please respect the views, opinions and values of other visitors. We do not want to promote a sterile environment, however it is important that each visitor can contribute without fear of being attacked because of different views or opinions.

Please communicate as politely as you would in the offline world on Singing Pig. If you notice any visitors that are not adhering to this pratice please inform our support team via the ‘contact us’ page.