The World And His Dog Are On The BMV Wagon.

deal-of-the-day-1438905_640Is searching out BMV and motivated sellers a fruitless task nowadays?

It seems the world and his dog have jumped on the bandwagon, and all a prospective vendor has to do is shop around for the best deal. Those buyers in a position to make a higher offer, and essentially those willing to make less profit are starting to win the game.

Those that do call are so much in debt with so little equity, there’s simply no helping them. When I started full time in October, there were 2 ads in the newspaper, and mine. Now there’s around six. I’ve stated before that we agreed four deals in November. No such luck nowadays. I only have two deals agreed at the minute, one of which looks like it’s going to fall through due to a vendor who is burying his head in the sand.

The cost of advertising in the best local newspaper has risen too. Last year, I could get a 4 x 2 column ad for around £225 a week (three days). That’s £75 a day. Believe it or not that’s shot up to £126 A DAY. £378 a week for a three day run! £1512 for a month in the local rag!

Yet EVERYBODY I speak to seems to say “Yeah, I just agreed a deal yesterday…that’s only three this month though…, Got four to look at next week…”

Well done if that’s true, really, but how about letting me in on your secret??