A Little Moan Brings Leads In!

It seems that whenever I have a little moan about things in public, (ie. my last blog) that things seem to change for the better. I can only liken it to waiting for a bus for four hours, then as soon as you light a ciggy two come around the corner!

I had quite a frantic morning, and along with a few other leads I recieved from both Repossession Angels and my own marketing, here’s a post I put on www.singingpig.co.uk .

“I had a great call from my solicitor this morning stating that she had a client who was about to be repossessed. I got the call at 10.50, and the eviction was to take place at 12.00!!!

This is a failure story by the way.

real-estate-1468146_640I did some reasearch on the net, it valued at £90k and I could have it for £61k, so I wizzed round to the property and saw the guy with the bailiffs (11.30 by this time). The bloke conducting the eviction was a bit snotty and said what I was aiming to do wasn’t allowed, and much to my glee, I told him yes it was allowed. He promptly got out his mobile and began frantically calling someone at head office.

Now, the property was about to be sold to someone who then backed out of the deal at the last minute. This meant that the best option was to use their solicitors as they had all the documentation, and we had to exchange for twelve o’clock. (The vendor was being represented by my solicitor, so she couldn’t represent me.)

Anyway, at five to twelve the other solicitors refused to act for me. Simple as that.

The guy got repossessed.”

The poor chap was actually in tears, and to think some people have a dim view of investors helping these people out!!?!! If anyone is reading this in South Yorkshire or in fact anywhere, and you are facing repossession , contact us and we may be able to help.

You just watch. Now I’ve written this, I’ll be sat twiddling thumbs for the next month….